Pamper, nourish and restore your natural beauty with our choice of body treatments.

Javanese Lulur Scrub
40 mins
Lulur is reputed to have relaxing, whitening and cleansing properties. This traditional recipe is made with rice powder, turmeric and cinnamon, combined with yoghurt to achieve the best results in nourishing your skin.

Floral Scrub
40 mins
This delightful yet mild exfoliating scrub polishes sensitive skin to silky smoothness without irritation. Hibiscus, being the key ingredient, delivers anti-oxidant protection and promotes healthy skin.

Coffee Scrub *
40 mins
This scrub has a refreshing and intoxicating aroma to awaken and stimulate the senses. It also contains kaffir lime, pandan and cassia leaf to help tone, stimulate cellulite prone areas and exfoliate tired skin.

Boreh Herbal Scrub *
40 mins
This treatment contains traditional herbs such as tumeric, clove, nutmeg, ginger and kaffir lime leaf. It has detoxifying and warming properties to bring soothing comfort to muscle aches and pains.

*For longer lasting effect, body wrap with hot blanket is available.

Steam Bath
10 mins

Milk Bath / Floral Bath / Hydrotherapy Salt Bath
20 mins

Yoghurt Body Mask
Yoghurt helps to soothe and renew skin surfaces while adding moisture from its whole milk richness. An excellent remedy for sensitive, sunburn, dry and dull skin.

Chocolate Body Mask
Chocolate contains natural antioxidants for skin nourishment and helps stabilize your mood by initiating serotonin release, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed after each treatment.

Vitamin C Body Mask
This treatment mask has whitening, anti-ageing and moisturizing properties. This treatment is suitable for any skin type, especially those environmentally stressed and mature skin.